About us

Gza LLC is a leading construction and infrastructure company that has been delivering successful projects since 2005. With 18 years of experience and enthusiasm, we have completed numerous construction and infrastructure projects that have helped shape the development of Georgia.

Our energetic, creative, and highly qualified technical and administrative staff can easily cope with construction projects of all types and scales. We offer a complete package to the customer, from greenfield to operations, including continuous reporting on the construction process and transparent relationships with our customers.

Our services include construction, earthworks and road construction, rental of construction machinery, project and construction management, projecting of a diversity of projects, geodesy, and laboratories & video inspection.

In addition, we have subsidiaries including Tower Group, Chateau Kvirike, and Chalet Kvirike, all committed to providing exceptional services and experiences.

Our goal is to continue delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that make a positive impact on the communities we serve. We take pride in our commitment to excellence, quality, and safety, ensuring that all our projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Tower Group is a subsidiary of “Gza” LLC, with 18 years of solid experience in the development sphere. The history of Tower Group dates back to 2005 when its parent company undertook numerous successful construction and infrastructure projects, such as Batumi Central, Truck Park, Batumi Airport, House in Old Batumi, and city utility infrastructure. It was the experience and enthusiasm accumulated during these 17 years that led to the creation of Tower Group, a reliable and innovative company that delivers unique, modern projects intending to create comfort for customers, both for life and leisure, as well as future successful investments.

One of our most exclusive projects is the “Panorama” complex in Batumi. This unique 40-story complex is a blend of an international 5-star hotel and business-class apartments with stunning views of the sea and the city. Panorama is an ideal investment opportunity for those looking for a modern lifestyle and luxury living.

Our other project “Chateau Kvirike” is a unique concept complex built on five hectares in Kobuleti, where history and modernity combine in a unique way. The complex features wine cellars, a restaurant, a hotel, a swimming pool, and event spaces – all in one space. “Chalet Kvirike,” on the other hand, is a mountain hotel complex consisting of 20 cottages with stunning views of the mountains and skies.

At Tower Group, we continue to care for our customers with new projects and ideas, providing long-term investments. Our commitment to delivering unique and innovative projects that cater to our customers’ comfort and modern living is unparalleled.